April 14, 2024

GTA 6 between Cuba and the 80s, someone is sure


GTA 6 from Rockstar Games and Take-Two is still expected, although in these hours new rumors have been leaked that – if confirmed – would not be so bad after all.

The continuation of GTA V (You can find the next-gen edition of this At Amazon) has not yet shown itself to the public in an official capacity.

Several fans are sure of that The reveal of the game is imminentalthough the month of May passed without announcements.

Now after An actor would have foreseen the presence of Vice City In the game, another insider revealed more information about it GTA 6.

As also reported by gaming bibleYouTuber Tyler McVicker claims to have insider knowledge GTA 6so much so that he stated in a recent stream:

“We already know how GTA 6 will end. Spoilers: Bonnie and Clyde, in their 30s, died in a shootout. There will not be three playable characters, but two. It will take place in a time warp and will take place in the Miami, Florida area. and then also in Cuba. It will be drug trafficking. We also talk about bank robberies. It will be released in 2024».

McVicker he does not name any sources and admits he has no history with Rockstar. If nothing else, it’s his quite plausible hypothesis.

Last year actually, Jason Schreier from Bloomberg reported that while he knows the modern environment of GTA 6could not rule out the presence of flashback (The indiscretion about the Cuban scene came to light in April).

Finally, Take two interactive is about to launch a major marketing campaign in Miami a video game not yet announced: with which it is related grand theft auto 6?

While awaiting confirmation, we remind you that this has been the case for the last few weeks A screenshot of the game has surfaced online which really blew everyone away.

Finally, a fan also gave birth to a child a trailer in Unreal Engine 5 Who imagines the “time travel”? GTA 6.

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