Prime Gaming, the first two free games of June are available


Today corresponds to first Friday in June: with the beginning of the first weekend of the month, the first giveaways from Prime Gamingalready available for all subscribed users.

In fact, we want to remind you that Prime Gaming is one of the many benefits offered by the subscription service (find all the details here). on Amazon), able to give away many free games that are distributed every month, in addition to various bonuses for your favorite video games on a weekly basis.

This month Amazon decided to offer it to all subscribed users Ben 13 games for free: You can start downloading now the first 2 monthly gifts, without additional costs.

The monthly program begins with two great SNK classics that you can download for free right now mutation nation And sengoku 2both playable via the corresponding Amazon Games app.

To discover these gems of the past, all you have to do is visit the official Prime Gaming site at following address and after making sure you are signed in with an Amazon Prime account, click on the section “Weekly Game” and associated buttons “Redeem Game”.

As with all of SNK’s other freebies offered over the last few weeks, the redemption times are particularly generous: you actually have time until the end of 2023 to make these new free titles yours.

From next Friday Two more freebies have been added to the subscription service: as soon as these are available, we will, as always, promptly notify you on our website.

If you want more free games to download on your PC, we point you to an interesting initiative on Steam: In fact, Xbox has decided to offer an exclusive game for free to celebrate Pride Month.

In the last few hours, the Epic Games Store’s first free game for the month of June has also been made available: a chaotic multiplayer hide and seek game.

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