April 14, 2024

Kojima is also working on a Metal Gear game


Not only Death Stranding 2: from State of Play Hideo Kojima announced a very interesting new collaboration.

Specifically, it is a new partnership between Kojima Productions and Sony for a new action and espionage game. Yes exactly Metal Gear Solid.

The work will begin following the above work DS2 and according to Kojima it will be that way “The Climax my career”.

The idea behind the project is to reconnect cinema and interaction in a unique way.

“We want to overcome the boundaries between cinema and video games” emphasizes the Japanese game director.

The video reveals that everything was recorded in the studios of Columbia Pictures with a title below: Physint.

We remind you of this on the occasion of the State of Play Death Stranding 2 has finally returned to show itself also reveal its official title.

This is without counting the updates for the dedicated film Death Stranding what apparently finally goes into production.

At the end, Let's take a closer look at all the news of the State of Play from January 31, 2024, which is dedicated to news from the world of the PS5 and the upcoming games.

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