April 14, 2024

Palworld, someone added a mechanic for “real gamers”.


PalworldThe Whether it's a shameless Pokémon plagiarist or not, there is a vibrant and active modding community.

The game that many have compared to Scarlet and purple (what you find At Amazon), is actually supported by fans all over the world.

Just consider the data miner named Brian Cozzens who found a certain Dark Mutant in the game filessimilar in every way to the famous one Mewtwo of Pokémon.

Not to mention the Pokémon mods that appeared online and were then removed. with all the consequences of the case.

Well, as also reported by DSO GamingThe modder “Diegiwg” has just released a new mod for Palworld which adds mechanics Permadeath.

For the few who don't know, this option means that all items, including equipped ones, are lost forever when the player character dies.

Definitely a large number of players Palworld might find it interesting, especially those who like a higher challenge rate (even if it's not a souls-like game but a survival game and we wonder what point it makes in the long run).

If you are interested, you can download it here this addressfree (also be sure to read the installation instructions).

Will this mod make the Pocket Pair game more enjoyable for “real gamers”? We do not know. In any case, this is always better than dealing with another Pokémon clone, we imagine.

Not to mention the fact that the question of alleged “plagiarism” by Palworld To the detriment of Pokémon: Just a few days ago, the former legal chief of The Pokémon Company intervened in the matter: Here are his words on the subject.

Finally, we would like to remind you that a player reported his save file Palworld was blocked with no recovery option: Here's everything we know.

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