With Steam you can try out a role-playing game that is a mix of Pokémon and Zelda for free


steam often allows you to play free games or Demo to try out for freebut now there’s an RPG that’s sure to catch fans’ attention Pokémon And Zelda.

The news came a few days ago six more free games that we let you discover them on the same pages.

In addition to 8 more titles to try for freealways reported for the readers of SpazioGames.

Well, as also reported by Gaming Biblethe game to try out for free thanks to a brand new demo Portal fantasy.

According to the page steam of the game, the players “You enter Portal Fantasy, a creature capture RPG where you can create worlds for others to explore. Explore kingdoms, conquer Porble and solve exciting quests as a hero..

The “Porbles” are the collectible creatures of the case and like many other titles in the genre, they can fight each other.

The trailer features a great combination of Pokémon-style battles with a twist ZeldaCreate the right sense of adventure.

The summary is: “1000 years have passed since the War of the Goddesses – Ravenna is dead and the Kingdom of Pyli has returned to thrive. At least it seems that way. As a newbie at the prestigious Porble Academy, life takes an unexpected turn when you’re late Valeriathe capital”.

Players can expect an “epic story,” strategic turn-based battles, multiplayer aspects, and the ability to create their own adventures using preset resources.

In summary, Portal fantasy It’s definitely one of the titles you should put on your wishlist if you love it Pokémon and companies.

To stay on topic, in the Epic Games Store New free gift is available downloadable for everyone, but only for a week.

We also point this out the new free game to test from PlayStation Plus Premium is an absolute highlight Baldur’s Gate 3.

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