Suicide Squad is back, but fans don’t like it: “RIP Rocksteady”


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League He appeared again a few hours ago in the first episode of a series of special videos from Rocksteady.

A game that never found its way into the hearts of fans, especially after the negative feedback from those who loved the trilogy Batman Arkham (which you can restore At Amazon).

The game has been postponed to a generic “2024”actually forced the team to revamp the title after heavy criticism from the fan base.

A few days earlier The title is again at the center of the newswith the announcement of the start of a series of themed videos in which Rocksteady will focus on specific aspects of the game to clarify them to the public.

Apparently, as also reported by GamingBibleThis time too, fans don’t seem to be particularly impressed by the development progress.

Discuss the game in a post by Reddit by Turbostrider27, the fans didn’t hold back their opinions, and some have called it a “Catastrophe”.

It can be read: «Sounds like exactly the same game as before, right? Call me cynical, but I feel like the delay is due to the hope of overcoming all the negativity surrounding this game.”

Another added: “It’s almost impossible to believe that this is the work of the people who made Arkham Knight.”.

One even declared the end of Rocksteady’s supremacy in the DC world, writing: “RIP Rocksteady”.

Nothing looks good Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Leaguealthough it is definitely important to wait for the game to start February 2, 2024 for new-gen and PC platforms.

Only then can we find out whether Harley Quinn and Co. have achieved what we sincerely hope they will.

Furthermore, considering that even the old ones Batman Arkham Knight still gets contentHope blazes.

We also remember the new Suicide Squad game There will also be a special appearance by Batmanbut it doesn’t seem to be enough for enthusiasts.

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