Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake, someone would have tried


It seems like they are fans of the classics resident Evil can start dreaming again, considering that an insider recently broke the news of a demo by an – alleged – New edition From Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

After the remake of the fourth chapter of the survival horror saga (which you can find At Amazon) fans have long been asking for more revivals of classics from the past.

After all, someone decided to do this a while ago give birth to 32-bit demakes From Code Veronicain the absence of a next-gen remake.

So, between one fan-made remake and anotherread about an official remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica It certainly made a lot of people stand up.

As also reported by GamingBibleAt Reddit Someone announced that they were recently selected as a play tester Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake.

“I only played a short demo provided by the developers to test the new mechanics and provide feedback on them.”he explained.

The insider reveals that the remake begins with Claire Redfield looks for his brother Chris after an explosion.

After a “Slow tutorial” in which Claire searches the offices and escapes the guards, she is captured and sent there Rockfort Island.

Once in prison and after being attacked by a character named ” RicardoClaire meets her fellow prisoner Stevewhich he agrees to publish.

After the island is attacked, the two escape together and enter a safe room where the player can switch between Claire and Steve. Both characters seem to have unique abilities: Claire is adept at it Knifewhile Steve prefers to use that weapons.

Plus, Claire is good at it Puzzlewhile Steve is the best choice for Stealth. The insider also reveals that the alleged remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica It would be a «Third-person game similar Resident Evil 2».

Obviously these are just completely unconfirmed rumors at the moment, even considering that Capcom does not seem to have any announcements related to the saga of Biohazards do it soon.

It is also true that after the remake of Resident Evil 4it seems that the new Capcom remake it will be Resident Evil 5instead of Code Veronica.

This despite the fact that someone recently started a poll about which remake should be made in the future, and the fans seem to have clear ideas.

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