Resident Evil 2, the fixed-camera fan remake, is beautiful


Resident Evil 9 It was supposed to be the next Capcom title, but fans haven’t forgotten the old chapters, such as the historical one resident Evil 2 originals.

After Villageeighth chapter of the series (which you can find At Amazon), classic episodes always have a special place in fans’ hearts.

At least an impressive one Fan-made remake of resident Evil from 2002 is currently in production.

Now, however, as also reported by DSO GamingIt’s the turn of the equally loved person Resident Evil 2 receive a truly amazing fan remake.

Modder “Guyue” is currently working on a fantastic remake of the classic Biohazard 2 use Unreal Engine 4.

While there is no release date for this remake (or even a demo), Resident Evil 2 HD reprint It retains the original 3D models and maintains the same gameplay style as the PS1 classic.

In other words, it will be like this fixed camera angles. At the moment, the modder is recreating the original maps in Unreal Engine 4 and the first sequences he has shown look exactly like the original game.

Since this project uses UE4, the modder will use some modern graphics techniques: This means we will have improved lighting and perhaps even better reflections, global lighting, post-processing effects and shadows.

However, the project is does not include the use of ray tracing or path tracing. Resident Evil 2 HD reprint will stick with traditional non-RT rendering methods.

Instead of talking about the future of the series, DuskGolem insider said a while ago: Resident Evil 9 has the highest budget ever achieved by a chapter of the series.

But that’s not all: Capcom has already confirmed that the ninth chapter will not continue the story of the Winters family the latest DLC from Village has already concluded the Ethan saga.

Finally, if you love the saga of Biohazardsget us back as soon as possible Ranking the best and worst chapters of resident Evil.

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