April 14, 2024

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp is leaving the club at the end of the season


Jürgen Klopp has announced that he will resign from his position Liverpool Coach at the end of the season said he was “running out of energy.”

Klopp, 56, brought great success to Liverpool when he arrived at Anfield in 2015 and led the club to success Premier League title in 2020 and Champions League in 2019. However, this will be his last spell as manager as he announced on Friday that he would be leaving at the end of the season.

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Klopp will now take a break from leadership and said he will not manage either club or country for at least a year. He also said that he would never manage any club in England other than Liverpool.

“I can understand that it is a shock for many people at this moment when you hear it for the first time, but of course I can explain it or at least try to explain it,” Klopp said in a video statement released by Liverpool.

“I love absolutely everything about this club, I love everything about the city, I love everything about our fans, I love the team, I love the staff. I love everything. But the fact that I'm making this decision anyway shows that I'm convinced.” It's what I have to take.

“It's like, how shall I put it, I'm running out of energy. I don't have a problem now, of course I've known for a while that I'll have to announce it at some point, but I'm completely fine now.” I know I can't do the job over and over again.

He added: “If you ask me now, will I ever be able to do it again? I would say no. But of course you don't know because I've never had this situation. But I definitely know that I will never manage another club in England other than Liverpool. That's impossible.

“I'll find something else to do. But I won’t manage a club or a country for at least a year.”

In an emotional statement, Klopp said he owed Liverpool fans an explanation as to why he was stepping down now. He said it was a difficult decision but also felt “relief” when he made it, saying it was the right moment for him to try a “normal life” and see if he was missing management .

“It would be cool if you could accept my decision as difficult but right,” Klopp said. “I need to find another purpose and look for it.”

“I told the club back in November,” he added. “I have to explain a little bit that the job I do may be seen from the outside: I'm on the sidelines and in training sessions and things like that, but most things happen around those types of things. This.” That means that a season starts and you’re pretty much already planning the next season.

“As we sat together and talked about possible new signings, the next summer camp and whether we could go somewhere, the thought occurred to me: 'Then I'm not sure if I'm here anymore,' and that surprised even me . I naturally start thinking about it.

“It didn’t start [then]but of course last season was somehow a super difficult season and there were moments where at other clubs the decision would probably have been: “Come on, thanks for everything, but we should probably part ways here or end it here.” ' That obviously didn't happen here.

“It was super, super, super important to me that I could help get this team back on its feet. That's all I thought about. Once I realized pretty early on that this was happening, it's a really good team with huge potential and a great age group, great characters and stuff, then I was able to start thinking about myself again and that was the result. That's not what I want [do]it’s exactly what I 100% believe is right.”

Klopp joined Liverpool in October 2015 and led them back to the top of English and European football. Under Klopp, Liverpool won their first league title in 30 years in 2020, the Champions League title in 2019, the FA Cup in 2022 and the League Cup in 2022. He also led them to further Champions League finals in 2018 and 2022 and the Europa League final in 2016. They also won the 2019 UEFA Super Cup and the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup title.

After a difficult 2022-23 season, Klopp has helped guide Liverpool back to the top of the Premier League this season, five points clear of second-placed Manchester City after 21 games.

Liverpool have four competitions remaining this season – the Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Europa League – and Klopp will be hoping for silverware in his final season at Anfield.

Klopp signed a new contract with Liverpool in 2022, his original contract runs until 2024. The new contract was supposed to extend him until 2026, but Klopp has decided to leave the club in the summer.

“We will have a moment, maybe the last matchday here or somewhere else – I mean in other countries or other competitions,” Klopp said. “There is enough time to do things like this. Now let's really get started. The outside world wants to exploit this decision, laugh about it, disturb us.”

“We are Liverpool, we have been through harder things together. And you've been through harder things before me. Let's make it a strength. That would be really cool. Let's get the most out of this season and have another reason to smile as we look back to the future.

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group paid tribute to Klopp and said it would be “business as usual” until the end of the season.

“First and foremost, on behalf of John Henry and Tom Werner, I would like to express our deep appreciation for Jürgen,” said Mike Gordon, President of Fenway Sports Group. “It goes without saying that we will be very sad to lose not only a manager of this caliber, but also a person and leader for whom we feel great respect, gratitude and affection. At the same time, we fully respect his wishes and reasons.” Why he decided that the current season will be his last in Liverpool.

“In keeping with Jürgen’s expressed wishes, we will save the detailed tributes for a more appropriate time, but we would still be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to reiterate that his appointment as owner remains one of the greatest blessings of our time.”

“The incredible successes of the past few years speak for themselves, as does the joy that Jürgen and his team have given all of us fans. His many achievements will never be taken for granted. To use a saying synonymous with another great Liverpool manager.”, Jürgen Klopp has “made people happy” and we are absolutely confident that he will continue to do so until his final departure.

“It is a testament to Jurgen's tireless professionalism and ongoing commitment to the best interests of Liverpool FC that his decision has been made in a way that allows us to continue as before for the remainder of his term in office, while also giving us the opportunity to to do this.” Prepare for the future.

“Our priority now has two priorities. Firstly, ensuring that the progress made on the pitch this season is maintained in the final months of the season. Secondly, to continue the due diligence behind the scenes that will make our football possible.” The operations department must adapt to a future without Jürgen. As always, these ambitions will be pursued in the best interests of the club and its fans and we will keep fans informed of any important developments.

“Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our thanks to Jürgen for everything he has done and will continue to do for Liverpool Football Club. Thank you, Jürgen. When the time comes, you will never walk alone.”

Liverpool's coaching staff will have a new face next season, with assistant coaches Pep Lijnders and Peter Krawietz also set to leave the club at the end of the season. Lijnders wants to pursue his own career in management.

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