April 14, 2024

Dragon's Dogma 2 has some “bad” news for save games


Capcom is almost ready to release it Dragon's Dogma 2although there has apparently been some “bad” news regarding this as well Scores.

Put the first chapter aside for a moment (whatever you find At Amazon), fans have their eyes on the sequel.

The game, expected in March this yearwill see the light of day on current generation consoles and PCs and promises to be much better than the original title (very good in its own way).

As also reported by The playerAs a matter of fact, Dragon's Dogma 2 will allow players to perform only one save operation at a timejust like the original.

This not only forces you to play the game once, but also your save file overwritten by automatic savingso that you cannot create further backups if you want to change the strategy.

The message is from the preview of Dragon's Dogma 2 published by IGN Japanconfirming a feature of the first chapter that fans are excited about they hoped not to see each other again.

In the preview, translated into English via GoogleWe note that “There is only one save space in this game, and autosaves and manual saves share that space.”.

It is also emphasized that the game is “pretty difficult by modern open world standards”And that's good.

In practice, this means that if you regret tackling an area or boss, you cannot go back to a previous save to change tactics, as it may have been overwritten by the autosave.

Perhaps most annoyingly, console players will have to create multiple accounts to start another campaign, while PC players should be able to manually save their old save to avoid overwriting.

While we wait to find out more, we want to remind you that we had the opportunity to try it out for you Dragon's Dogma 2: We actually told you everything in our test.

Staying on topic, Capcom seems to have a mystery title in the works at the moment: Apparently it won't be a new one resident Evil.

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