April 14, 2024

According to Nomura, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will not forget strategy in battle


The new course of the seventh Final Fantasy has forced players to digest a combat system that is more action-oriented, which will continue to be the case in the future Final Fantasy VII Rebirth without despising them strategic aspects This is what made Final Fantasy such a popular series.

The next chapter of Saga remake (You can already order it on Amazon) already brings with it many discussions of different kinds, namely from difficulty It’s another interesting topic.

In fact, we already know this Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will bring satisfaction to the players hardcore, with an unprecedented level of difficulty, designed specifically for those who want to try it “The Thrill of Combat”quote a current developer interview.

And who loves strategy? Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Obviously it won’t be a turn-based combat gamebut that doesn’t mean it will just be a game of reflexes.

As reported by GamesRadarFor the developers, moving the series towards a more action-oriented approach to combat was a key goal, but it was particularly important to maintain the franchise’s tactical choices.

The creative director Tetsuya Nomura and the fight manager Teruki Endo spoke in a recent interview about how this balance was achieved, particularly in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Nomura said:

“We want to maintain that strategic element where the player considers the elemental weaknesses of enemies during combat while executing these action moves and attacking. This has always been my core belief about how we should approach Final Fantasy battles. […] I thought it was really important for this game; I didn’t want it to be a game about reflex actions or reflex-based combat; We wanted to combine all of these elements.”

To implement this idea, Endo explained:

“Because the Final Fantasy series focuses so much on its characters, I believe the action enhances this aspect and allows players to become even more immersed in the characters while playing.” In addition to the strategic battles, which I think is for “Since Final Fantasy VII is central to Final Fantasy VII, I wanted to see how I could best combine these two elements of command and strategy-based combat with action that allows for immersion in the moment of gameplay.”

There’s not much left until Final Fantasy VII Rebirth what we already know, among other things will suggest new cities it certainly is At least one character impaledeven if we don’t know it yet Who exactly will it be?

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