Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is beautiful, but it’s beautiful for Game Boy Color


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been available for several weeks now, although fans have continued to adore him.

The sequel to the masterpiece released on Switch (which you can find here). At Amazon) is actually one of the most critically acclaimed games of the last few months.

After all, the success of Tears of the Kingdom it also allowed the previous one breath of the wild to top the charts again.

Now that one enthusiast recently decided to pay homage to him Tears of the Kingdom Creating a themed GameCube to complement the OLED Switchanother fan went even further.

As also reported by GameRantIn fact, a talented Zelda fan came up with an original concept for it a Game Boy Color version From The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The very good Ncxaesthetic recently created an original concept of how Zelda would have looked on the small portable Nintendo console.

The artist designed several environment mockup screens inspired by Tears of the Kingdom Zelda Link’s Awakening DXthe first title in the series developed for the Game Boy Color.

The first model shows a title screen with a pixelated version the official key art of Zelda Tears of the Kingdomwhile later art shows Link traversing Great Sky Island and other areas of Hyrule from an overhead 2D perspective.

Who knows if one day someone will actually create a playable version of it Zelda TOTK in a retro version, maybe with free release.

In the meantime, let’s keep that in mind Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Recently updated to version 1.1.2: The new patch fixes the duplication bugespecially popular with gamers.

But not only that: there are those who created it Zelda Tears of the Kingdom the iconic Metal Gear REX and the Shagohod from the Konami stealth saga.

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