Yes, Silent Hill 2’s dog ending is canonical


silent Hill will receive a stylish relaunch, both with the remake of the second episode and with other chapters created for the occasion.

The Konami horror series you can catch up on At Amazon It’s in an excellent collection, so it’s ready to return after years of silence.

Now that the remake of appeared Silent Hill 2 could use the technology already seen in The mediuman oddity about the final.

As also reported by The playerafter further discussion about which end of Silent Hill 2 Both canonical, explained series art director Masahiro Ito Every single ending is canonical if you want it, even the dog’s.

Although most fans of silent Hill tends to agree on which ending of the game is canonical for its story (e.g. In Water is generally considered to be the basic ending), to this day there is still much debate on the subject.

Well, it seems Ito isn’t interested in those talks, as he recently stated that every ending is canon. if you want it.

Yes, hence that of the dog, which you can find in full in the video directly below (pay attention to the spoiler clearly).

Silent Hill 2 Remake In any case, it will be an experience faithful to the original title, albeit with some changes: in fact, Bloober has already made it clear that it intends to do a redesign if necessary, as in the case of the iconic nurse.

In addition, it is also true that this modernization will pay off the remake even «more interesting than the original»at least in the words of artist Masahiro Ito.

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