April 14, 2024

Xbox Game Pass, goodbye to 3 free games in July


As the month of July begins, it’s officially time to find out which games are going to be retired Xbox Game Pass in the next weeks.

Fortunately, this time there is a farewell to the subscription service (here you can find on Amazon) will not be so numerous: the corresponding apps were actually updated a few moments ago, which gives this away are willing to leave us only 3 free games.

The announcement is yet to come from the usual Xbox blog post, which may have to wait a little longer since it’s already been announced The first free games are coming in Julybut you can also discover the list yourself by accessing the section “Not available soon” from the respective apps.

Without further ado, we therefore present the following to you full list of free games leaving Xbox Game Pass soon:

Xbox Game Pass: July 2023 games removed

  • ExoOne
  • PAW Patrol: The Movie Adventure City is calling
  • caving 2

Among these is certainly the most interesting caving 2a particularly well-made roguelike platformer and sequel to one of the genre’s biggest phenomena – if you’re curious and want to learn more, take a look here our review.

All three free games listed are available on both Xbox consoles and PC: Our advice can only be to choose the platform you prefer and download it before it’s too late.

As usual, you can also benefit from a special discount on productions from Xbox Game Pass if you want to keep playing them even after the removal from the catalog that should happen around July 15th.

We take this opportunity to remind you soon will officially increase the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X: If you want to renew your subscription or buy the next-gen console, we recommend you hurry before the increase is finally rolled out.

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