Would you like Super Mario cookies? They could cost you dearly


That from Super Mario Bros. The Movie It’s a triumph that looks set to continue even with the launch of the official limited-edition Oreos.

The animated film is a collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination (you can pre-order the 4K Blu-ray At Amazon) has won over both critics and audiences.

Finally, Super Mario Bros. The Movie it actually has even beaten Frozenas the animated feature film was doing well $1.288 billion worldwide.

Well, as also reported by gaming bibleIt appears that the scalpers We also have our sights set on Oreo cookies dedicated to the world’s most famous plumber.

The new Oreos feature new colorful packaging in classic Nintendo style, as well as 16 new designs based on popular characters from the world of Mario.

There’s the plumber himself, Mario, his brother Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and even some minions like the Koopa Troopers and the Boos.

Show yourself off with a cool little account promo video Twitter Official Nintendo cookies will soon be available from retailers around the world, but eager consumers can pre-order packs in advance at select stores. That’s pretty crazy If you’re thinking about it, we pre-order cookies.

Unfortunately, someone had to spoil the fun: Scalpers have put their pre-orders on sale ebay at incredible prices, for those who didn’t manage to secure their own package.

It has been reported that Mario’s Oreos will be sold at $30, $40, and even $75 a pack. Hopefully no one is stupid enough to pay that much for a pack of cookies, with or without Mario’s logo.

It is also true that the scalpers They even went so far as to sell codes to take part in the stress test Mortal Kombat 1 only for a weekend, so nothing really surprises us anymore.

To stay on topic, the father of Super Mario Shigeru Miyamoto already hinted at that Nintendo is already thinking about a return to the cinema.

The most likely candidate would be in this regard The Legend of Zeldaparticularly also considering the “blessing” that came from Eiji Aonuma.

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