Where to watch Nintendo Direct in Italian


It is the highly anticipated day of the Grande N, which today will be the absolute protagonist of its new one Nintendo Direct.

Because if Nintendo’s latest digital events are dedicated to the Super Mario movie, there will soon be home videos too At AmazonNow it’s time to get serious.

beginning from 4 p.m. ItalianAs a matter of fact, The new event takes placewhich will show us exactly what’s new for consoles Switch.

But where can you watch the event? In this case, in fact, there are several official options where you can enjoy what Nintendo reveals in Italian without third-party comments covering up what is said on stage.

For the sake of simplicity, here is already the simplest and most practical variant of all in the embed, namely the channel youtube officially from Nintendo.

The live stream will last around 40 minutes with information mostly focused on Nintendo Switch titles coming out this year, including new details on Pikmin 4.

While you’re waiting to hear all the news from Direct, we recommend you follow them on our pages so you don’t miss any announcements or trailers.

Who knows if there will be an opportunity to admire at today’s event Metroid Prime 4, off the radar for six years.

Staying on topic, Nintendo recently unveiled the new free game that will be available in the Switch Online add-on pack: Let’s Talk a tribute that will make fans of a great strategic saga happy.

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