April 19, 2024

Was Final Fantasy XVI a sales flop? The answer comes


Final Fantasy XVIthe new chapter of Square Enix’s RPG series, has been out for a few days, but now it’s time to talk about it official sales dates.

I look forward to the continuation of Final Fantasy VII Remake (Find the output intermediate At Amazon), the sixteenth official installment of the franchise, has just launched.

After-sales data showed this Final Fantasy XVI was the fastest selling retail release in the UK for the past week. while less than is being done Final Fantasy XVNow it’s time to talk about it worldwide results.

As also reported ResetEraOn June 22, 2023, Square Enix announced this Final Fantasy XVIwhich was simultaneously released worldwide exclusively on the PS5 console has been sold over 3 million units worldwide.

The dates would refer to the sum between the physical copies and the copies downloaded digitally from the PlayStation Store and are considered to be close to official.

So it is about an excellent resultin particular due to the fact that we are talking about a game released for only seven days on a single platform, namely PlayStation 5 (and therefore with a relatively “small” installed base).

We’ll see if there’s a pullback in the coming weeks or if the global numbers are trending higher as they should.

However, they have arrived in recent weeks new official confirmations about the PC version of the game, which will now see the light of day after the release of the PS5 edition.

Staying on topic, producer Naoki Yoshida explained the name final fantasy It means different things to different peoplewhich caused a “division” among fans.

But not only that: Some players from Final Fantasy XVI report that their PS5 consoles They heat up during particularly intense gaming moments.

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