Vankyo LEISURE 3 2200 LUX LED Portable Multimedia Projector Review

Vankyo LEISURE 3

Vankyo LEISURE 3 2200 LUX LED is a budget-oriented, straightforward to use, portable projector with basic features. The model does excellent job for its price (below $100), though you should not expect advanced performance.

It is satisfactory in general, but as soon as you start using the projector, you discover a few shortcomings:

  • it does not support Dolby Digital audio;
  • work in presentation format is impossible: you cannot project slides scrolled on your laptop;
  • cables for Android and iOS devices connection are not included.

Vankyo LEISURE 3 Specifications

Picture Product name Main characteristics Amazon Price
Vankyo LEISURE 3 2200 LUX LED Portable Multimedia Projector Vankyo LEISURE 3 2200 LUX LED
  • Native Resolution: 800*480
  • Image Brightness: 2,200 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2,000:1
  • Display Technology: LCD
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Vankyo Leisure 3 user manual

What is a Portable Digital Projector?

Demand for portable projectors increases, while their application has expanded beyond corporate events and show business. Today people often buy them for home use. There is no wonder: the idea of getting a large-size projection of video from smartphone or laptop seems tempting.

As for the price, projectors are at an advantage over big-screen TV sets. Good models, equal to modern TV in image quality, cost below $700. Besides, they are portable. You can take compact-sized equipment with you when you go to the office, or visit your friends. A wall or a roller blind may serve as a screen.

LEISURE 3 ranks below high-class models because of:

  • low-quality construction;
  • limited set of features;
  • medium-quality image.

In spite of that, the projector is a good choice when:

  • low price is the first consideration;
  • your expectations are not high.

Packing and Appearance

Vankyo LEISURE 3 is packed in a cardboard box with a handle.  The box is long-wearing and could be used as a carrying case in future, but the projector is supplied with a branded zippered bag.

It is a useful accessory, which distinguishes Vankyo LEISURE 3 among other projectors in this price range.

The bag is thoroughly designed. It has:

  • straps with Velcro fastening to fix the projector inside;
  • adjustable compartment for cables and remote control;
  • pocket for the manual.

What is Supplied Insi

de the Box?

The following is included:

  • projector;
  • brief and full user manuals;
  • remote control (batteries not included);
  • VGA and HDMI cables;
  • power cable;
  • RCA x3 – 3.5 mm jack adapter cable.
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Function Main characteristics
Display system LCD
LED brightness 2,200 lux
Contrast ratio 2,000:1
Projection diagonal size (min/max) 33/170 inches
Resolution 800*480
Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9/auto
Lamp life 40,000 hours
Keystone correction +/- 15 degrees
Weight 960 g
Dimensions 200*150*78 mm

Like other middling projectors, Vankyo LEISURE 3 uses:

  • a single LCD panel to form the image;
  • LED lamp with long service life and low light intensity.

Design and Key Features

The model offers a variety of video inputs. The supplied cables enable projection of image from:

  • devices with HDMI output;
  • computers with VGA output;
  • video recorders or DVD players with RCA connector (adapter required);
  • SD-cards or USB flash drives.

As only three cables are included, you may have to buy additional ones to connect:

  • iOS and Android devices;
  • latest laptops with new type of connection ports.

Moreover, audio output is available, so you can connect an external speaker. Built-in speaker is good enough to use in a silent room.

Noise level is worth mentioning. Lamp cooling systems are rarely quiet, but LEISURE 3 fan runs softly without bothering you.

USB input is important for a portable projector. You only need to insert a memory stick with films, music or pictures (in acceptable format, e.g. AVI for video), and the projector will access the directory. With a 128 GB flash drive you can always have about 30 films at hand, and watch them when you go out for a holiday or a picnic.

Remote control is always a benefit, and this model includes a good one, though it has some disadvantages:

  • not adapted for use in the dark, because keys are not lighted;
  • IR-receiver is on the back of the projector, so you can only sit behind. Otherwise, remote control is useless.


You will find it simple.

  1. Connect power cable.
  2. Choose the correct cable and connect video source.
  3. Switch on the equipment.

After these unsophisticated operations, you should see the displayed image. Examining control buttons on the top of the projector may take some time. Then you have to work with settings.

Focus is adjusted with a dial located near control buttons. Alternatively, you can turn the lens.

Next to focus dial is another one, for keystone correction. Unfortunately, only vertical adjustment is available. If Vankyo is displaced sideward, you cannot correct your projection.

Viewing Experience

To test the projector I used a bedsheet as a screen. Having placed the equipment nearly one metre away from it, I got a 32-inch diagonal projection.

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Image adjustment always takes time, but it results in different picture quality for various projectors. As brightness of this model is low, I carried out my test in total darkness. Remote control without key lighting proved to be a frustration.

Dealing with contrast and colour was not easy. Besides, I had to make readjustments during watching as the lighting changed in the scenes.


  • Displayed colours are not bad, even impressive, if you consider the cost of the equipment. Sometimes white colour had pink shade.
  • I was less happy with focus and sharpness. You cannot find fault with the latter, because resolution is low. However, it was a nuisance that neither adjusting focus and keystone, nor moving the projector helped to get a proper view of the screen bottom.

Built-in speaker worked decently, and sound customizing was simple. Nevertheless, inability to use Dolby Digital marred the impression.

You should remember that Vankyo LEISURE 3 will not work wonders. Its performance would hardly inspire anything like “This is much better than a TV set!” That is why the model is no match for top-rated equipment.

Projectors are not substitute for TV sets, but they may give you home cinema experience. LEISURE 3 fails to do even that.

This projector is an inexpensive plaything, ideal for an outdoor get-together. To enjoy home cinema on your sofa, you need equipment of a higher class.

The weakest point, which cannot be justified by low price, is that Vankyo is not fit for presentations. This is often the main purpose for buying projectors, including cheap ones.


  • low price;
  • simple and quick setup;
  • carrying case.


  • no MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) presentation support;
  • no Dolby Digital sound support;
  • problems with sharpness and focus;
  • big size for a highly portable projector;
  • no cables for input from iOS and Android devices, though portable projectors are normally connected with smartphones.


Vankyo LEISURE 3 2200 LUX LED is a serviceable projector. Low price makes up for insufficient image quality. On the other hand, serious gaps in support for popular formats can hardly be tolerated even in a cheap model.

LEISURE 3 is worth buying only when your budget is limited, or just for fun. If you are going to use projector extensively for work and entertainment, you had better pay more and purchase a model of better quality.

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Is Vankyo a Chinese company?

Yes. The company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong in China. Vankyo is a Chinese brand mainly focusing on projectors and tablets.

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