Best Home Theater Projector Under $1,000 in 2020

Best Home Theater Projector Under $1,000

Choosing a projector for a home in 2020

A projector is the foundation of a home theater. Home theater projectors must be able to accurately display dynamic scenes (such as movies, videos, sports broadcasts) and provide equally good results for …

Top-5 Best Projectors Under $300 in 2020

Top-5 Best Projectors Under $300

The projector is an indispensable multimedia device for a home theater!

If you have decided to buy a best projector under 300, you will most likely face the problem of choice because it is not so easy to understand …

Best Short Throw Projectors of 2020

Best Short Throw Projector In 2019 – Expert Opinion, Review Of Models

Looking for the best short throw projector currently available on the market?

Short throw projectors are specifically designed for use in small premises. Their main feature is to provide the full-size image with a minimum throw distance – thanks to …

Best Gaming Projector in 2020 – Expert Opinion

Best Gaming Projector – Expert Opinion

Playing on the big screen offers an incredible journey into the virtual world!

Most players dream of the opportunity to experience a wide range of emotions from playing their favorite games on the big screen. As for today, most players …

Best Projector Screen in 2020 – Selection Process

Best Projector Screen

The selection of a screen for a projector

The surface where the image is shown is called a projector screen. It’s necessary to figure out kinds, types of construction, sizes of the surface and other criteria to acquire the …

Best Projector Under $500 – Buying Guide 2020

Best Projector Under $500 - Buying Guide

Best projectors you can actually afford

Everyone will find something suitable among new models of projectors: both a compact projector for a small room and a portable model for presentation at office.

Our experts have tested the best new models

Best Mini Projector Review 2020 — Choosing the Best One

Best Mini Projector Review

Portable projector is a very convenient device

Mini projector is a compact and portable version of a standard one which features all its functions. When you have no possibility to move the equipment of the standard size or need some …