Top 5 best projector under $100 – Comparing, reviewing and choosing the best model

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Projector is a modern multimedia tool accessible to everyone!

So, you have decided to purchase a projector? This is certainly an excellent idea but there is one problem – modern market can offer several positions among projectors with excellent technical characteristics. Which is the one to choose?

As time goes by, online stores offer new best models of projectors that outperform each other in certain characteristics. In order to simplify the process of selecting the best model you need to clearly define what purposes you want to buy the projector for:

  • For playing games and watching movies.
  • As an alternative to a TV set.
  • For making presentations in the office.

It is quite possible that you are going to buy a projector in order to take it with you on a trip as many people want to make a pause during the holiday and just watch their favorite movie lounging in a chair.

What criteria do you need to consider when choosing a best projector under 100?

The nuances that arise before buying a projector might be important and, vice versa – insignificant. If you are hoping to buy a truly reliable projector which will serve for many years and still please you with its high level of quality you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The cost of a projector

We defined this point at the beginning of the article – projector under $100.

  1. The scope of application

Will the projector be installed at home for entertainment or will it become an important tool in the office allowing to make a high-quality presentation? Maybe it will become an indispensable gadget in the journey allowing you to relax in the evenings while watching the movie?

  1. The number of matrix pixels

The device resolution characteristics displaying the level of image clarity and quality:

  • Real/native resolution is the image that appears on the screen.
  • Maximum resolution is the incoming signal that the projector converts to an image which appears on the screen.

These characteristics are the most important for making a choice.

  1. Light output

It is represented in the units of the luminous flux that are measured in lumens. To simplify it, this characteristic is called brightness.

It is also worth to pay attention to such characteristics as image contrast and 3D support, as well as the availability of special inputs and lamp life.

Projector under 100 dollars: which one to choose?

If the characteristics which will determine the selection are clear, then it’s time to move on to choosing the best model.

Top 5 best projector under $100

  • Hausbell Mini Projector Portable.
  • TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED.
  • GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1800 Lumens.
  • RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens.
  • Meyoung TC80 LED.

Comparison table best projectors under 100 dollars

Picture  Product name  Main characteristics Amazon Price
Hausbell Mini Projector Portable Hausbell Mini Projector Portable Image Brightness: 1500 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 600:1.
Display Technology: LED.
Projection screen: 50-220 in.
Item Dimensions: 7.67 x 6.29 x 3.15 in.
Check Price
 TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED Image Brightness: 1500 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LCD.
Projection screen: 35-150 in.
Item Dimensions: 2.76 x 7.68 x 5.91 in
Check Price
 GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1800 Lumens GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1800 Lumens Image Brightness: 1800 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: LCD.
Projection screen: 50-130 in.
Item Dimensions: 5.75 x 8.97 x 3.13 in
Check Price
 Meyoung TC80 LED Meyoung TC80 LED Image Brightness: 1200 lumens.
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1.
Display Technology: TFT LCD.
Projection screen: 50-130 in.
Item Dimensions: 5.75 x 7.8 x 2.68 in.
Check Price
  1. Hausbell Mini Projector Portable

Hausbell Mini Portable Video Projector 1080p for Home Cinema Theater is a great option for both home and travel. The model has 800*600 real screen resolution (maximum – 1920*1080). Due to a clear image of its 220-inch screen this device enables to enjoy football matches and cinema novelties.

The static contrast ratio is 600:1. As for the dynamic contrast ratio, the numbers are 10000:1. A dark room is the best place to use this projector – this will let you feel yourself in a real cinema.

The device has a USB-port and an SD-card slot, as well as HDMI, AV and VGA. Playing video games with such a projector will bring a lot of emotions and vivid impressions. It’s easy to connect Sony PlayStation 3 or Sony PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox. It is also possible to connect a laptop or a personal computer to it.

The projector might be used for viewing documents or making presentations. Its compact dimensions make it easy to take it out – either from one room to another, or to take it for longer distances (for work or travel).

  • Sharp image.
  • Work duration without the need for a break.
  • Increased brightness.
  • Portability.
  • The noise of a fan.

Hausbell Mini is a model which represents the standard of quality and budget price. It is possible to keep the purchase within $100 limit and still receive really quality and reliable appliance which will serve for many years. All technical parameters meet modern requirements.

  1. TENKER Q5 with 1500 Lumens LED

The distinctive feature of this model is its light output – 1500 lumens. This projector offers enough brightness to watch it not only in a dark room, but also in a lighted space. When working in the dark, you might sense the illusion of sitting in a real cinema.

Maximum resolution of 1920*1080 and the real one 800*480 enable to get the most pleasure from watching movies and playing video games, thanks to a clear display of each element on the screen. It is worth to mention that the recommended projection distance is 1.9 meters. Throw screen: 35 to 150 inches.

It is also possible to connect a laptop or a personal computer to this device. Playing video games with such a projector is a true pleasure. It’s easy to connect Sony PlayStation 3 or Sony PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox and Nintendo.

The design of this model includes a USB port and an SD card slot. The device can easily be connected to a TV set, tablet or smartphone. The quality of picture of Skype video chat talks is especially good. There is no need to have a Wi-Fi connection to connect all the gadgets mentioned above. The signal comes directly from the connected devices.

The construction of the projector provides a system for normalizing the work of the fan (it helps to get rid of its noise) and an innovative cooling system. This noise suppression system provides no distraction while watching movies or playing games.

The dimensions of this device are relatively small which makes it possible to move it both within the house or take it for trips. The model has a stylish design which represents another significant advantage.

  • High level of illumination.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Compact size.
  • Difficulties with settings.

In general, Tenker Q5 is a perfect acquisition for your home that will require no serious costs. Super bright lighting allows you to view your favorite movies even in the daytime, and the lack of noise from the fan provides no distraction while watching.

  1. GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1800 Lumens

The light output of 1800 lumens enables this model to display the image both in a dark and in a lighted room. This projector will become an excellent acquisition both for the home and for the office where presentations will take place.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1. As for the image resolution, it offers 800*480 pixels. It is also worth to mention the HD support at 1080p. Screen size: 50-130 inches. With this projector each element of the image is displayed in bright colors which literally binds you to the screen while watching movies or playing games on the console.

The design of this device was developed by the best specialists in the industry. It has an elongated shape, and it is easy to install it on a cabinet or fix it to the ceiling. Its compact size allows you to move it to different rooms at home. It will not become a heavy burden, if you decide to take it on a trip or for a visit. Installation and operation are very simple and do not require a lot of time.

It is easy to connect various devices to this projector including smartphone, tablet or TV set-top box. It supports Skype calls. It also has USB and SD connectors. It supports the connection to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo gaming consoles. The device can also connect to both a personal computer and a laptop. It is also worth to not the presence of HDMI, VGA, AV.

The projector has a powerful speaker which enables to watch football matches and play video games, and get more emotion from the process.

  • Portability.
  • Powerful speaker.
  • Brightness.
  • Compatibility with other devices.
  • Easy operation and installation.
  • Noise when the fan works.
  • Frequent overheating, the need to make pauses during operation.

GooDee Mini YG500 is an excellent projector for both home and work. Its price does not lead to serious costs. The device has a lot of advantages, but, unfortunately, is also has certain flaws. The most significant flaw is the need to turn the projector off every 3-4 hours in order to prevent overheating of the system.

The device has a relatively small weight and dimensions, which makes it easy to transport it, both within the house and over long distances. You can take this projector with you on a trip or at work for important presentations.

The light output of the projector is 1600 lumens which will provide the viewers with a sea of ​​emotions while football matches or cinema novelties. Although it can work even in a lighted room, it is better to use it in complete darkness.

The projection distance is 1.5 to 3.0 meters. RAGU Z400 resolution is 800*400. Due to a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1 each element of the image is displayed in bright colors with clear contours. The recommended screen size is 95 inches, and the distance between the screen and the projector should be at least 2.5 meters. It is also worth to mention the support of Full HP 1080p.

The powerful cooling system installed in the device enables it to work without overheating. Innovative materials of the case reduce the loud noise arising from the fan and other components.

The device has connectors for SD-card and USB. It also has 3.5 mm audio jack and HDMI adapter. You can connect a set-top box, a personal computer or a laptop to this projector. It will also not be difficult to connect the gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo.

  • Small weight.
  • Portability.
  • Lack of noise and overheating.
  • Stylish design.
  • Complicated control.

In general, RAGU Z400 is a good choice for watching at home as well as for holding presentations at work. You can take it with you on your travels. The device has excellent technical characteristics and has virtually no flaws. The only problem is the settings.

  1. Meyoung TC80 LED

Stylish bright design of this device is the first thing that catches your eye in its look.

The light output is 1200 lumens. The resolution is 800*480. Throw screen range: 50-130 inches. The distance required for playback is 1.5-3.0 meters.

The design provides connectors for USB and SD. It also has a powerful built-in amplifier, and you can connect various devices like game consoles, TV set-top box, DVD, PC or laptop. The projector supports video files, music and documents, but the HDMI adapter is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately.

  • Stylish design.
  • The ability to connect additional devices.
  • Low light output.
  • Frequent overheating.
  • Large dimensions.
  • High price.

The high price of the Meyoung TC80 does not match its technical capabilities. Moreover, this is the weakest projector presented in this review.

Best projector under $100 – Buyer’s Guide 2018

Who would have thought that the models under $100, which we presented in this review, were twice as expensive a year ago. Technologies improve and the positions of modern online hardware stores are constantly changing.

Technological changes taking place on today’s market allow us to purchase a projector at a low price, which will meet all modern requirements:

  • Good brightness.
  • Excellent contrast.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to connect game consoles and gadgets.
  • Duration of work.

However, there is no sense in hoping that a projector under $100 will correspond to modern high-tech models. There will always be some shortcomings – a lack of a port, difficulty in adjustment, fan noise. And some more.


All these models are in the list of the best projectors with perfect technical performance. Each of these projectors have a lot of positive feedback.

Among all the devices presented in this review the best one is the RAGU Z400. The only drawback is the complexity of its settings. Despite this, the projector has important characteristics:

  • High level of brightness.
  • Lack of noise and overheating.
  • Excellent resolution.
  • Quality Playback.
  • Good price.

RAGU Z400 has all the necessary ports and connectors and it perfectly interacts with the devices connected to it. Other advantages include compact size and stylish design.

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