Too Many Video Game Releases In October (And Player Wallets Are Still The Same)


You will recall that some time ago there was quite a heated discussion about the meaning of Day One Sales for video games that can give publishers a more or less accurate overview of how a title is performing in the market. In the case of Over, from which the question arose, the answer was not particularly exciting – and we now know that intellectual property is a shipwreck. The author noted that at the time «If you love a game, you buy it at full price» to support it.

Aside from the fact that it’s not clear how a gamer is supposed to know if they “love” a game before they buy it, the question arises buy at full price – at a time when the price list for video games can go up to around 80 euros on the first day – is more complicated than you think.

The reason will soon be said: There are really many games coming out, but players’ pockets are always the same.

This creates more tricky overlaps than one would assume at first glance: It is not just the ideally “similar” games that step on each other’s toes. A player can love action-adventure and strategy in equal measure. If an action-adventure comes out on day one and a strategic one on day two, he’ll probably just buy one on day one and bring the other back later.

We talked about it some time agoregarding the crazy early 2022 release calendar, and the topic is more popular than ever Take a look at the October 2023 calendar.

Video games will be released in October 2023

  • 6 October: Detective Pikachu returns
  • 6 October: Sword Art Online: Final Memory
  • October 10th: Go motorsport
  • 12th of October: Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • October 13: Lords of the Fallen
  • October 17: Alan Wake 2
  • October 19: Endless dungeons
  • October 19: Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express
  • the 20th of October: Super Mario Bros Wonder
  • the 20th of October: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
  • 24 October: Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1
  • 24 October: City skylines II
  • October 25: Alone in the dark

This may make up for the missed release windows during the pandemic, indeed there is an avalanche of tight releases this month, both between big name productions and among others smaller ones that run the risk of being crushed from the visibility of others – with the result that you go almost unnoticed.

The third quarter of the year is usually a quintessential month for big releases, aided by the arrival of the holiday season and Black Friday shopping frenzy. In short, it’s nothing new that publishers Try to populate it as much as possible.

However, when we see so many nearby titles – some of which will have the above-mentioned full price on the reference platform – we have to think about the problems we mentioned: we will meet again here in a few months and we will hear directors talking about disappointing games because did they have a tepid first day after the publishers’ short-sighted planning decision?

Of course you have to say that Even in September there is a lot going on And November is no jokehow to check in with us Complete calendar of upcoming games. Let’s hope, of course, that no good game is penalized by its release window.

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