April 14, 2024

Tomb Raider, is the new chapter cancelled? An answer comes


tomb Raider is one of the most famous series in the history of video games, also thanks to the protagonist Lara Croftso much so that fans are eagerly awaiting the new chapter.

The last Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which you can still restore At Amazon) was actually the epilogue of the so-called reboot trilogy.

crystal dynamics but has long officially confirmed work on a new one tomb Raider made with thatUnreal Engine 5.

Now after the news that The Embracer Group announced a restructuring What will lead to the layoff of employees and the cancellation of some games, many fear that the new tomb Raider but in the end it can be the same it won’t be like that (Street GamesRadar).

On June 13, Lars Wingefors, Embracer’s CEO, wrote an open letter announcing the layoffs and suspension of projects at the company’s studios. “Over the past several years, Embracer has invested significantly in acquisitions and an accelerated organic growth strategy.”wrote Wingefors.

“We have acquired some of the leading intellectual property rights in the entertainment world and invested in one of the largest game pipelines in the industry.”he pointed to Embracer’s mass acquisitions over the past year, including the de Lord of the Rings.

“Embracer currently employs nearly 17,000 people, and while that number is expected to decrease by the end of the year, it’s too early to make any accurate predictions.”.

Shortly after Wingefors’ letter was published, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics got in touch He moved to calm the fans At Twitter: The studio appears to have been unaffected by the parent company’s layoffs and cancellations and its development efforts Perfect dark and the new game from tomb Raider keep going.

Meanwhile, an Italian fan of the first and historical 32-bit chapter has decided to offer it a free gem for all die-hard nostalgics.

But that’s not all: the TV series dedicated to Lara Croft and produced by Amazon is set to become a really important project, even inspired by the shared Marvel universe.

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