There’s a Silent Hill coming out that fans already hate


Konami and developer Genvid are working on an “interactive” streaming series based on the franchise Silent Hill, Silent Hill Climb.

The horror series you can recover At Amazon in an excellent collection, will actually experience a relaunch in a certain way, which will also affect this very special project.

In anticipation of a chilling tale of intergenerational trauma, rise Promises viewers will get «a direct and lasting impact on the story and the characters».

rise will incorporate branched plots and player-based choices for an ambitious mix of Telltale Games-style storytelling and classic scary moments a la silent Hillalthough fans don’t seem particularly thrilled about it (via The player).

The latest trailer for is shown exclusively to San Diego Comic-Con attendees rise disappointed historical fans of the franchiseas also reported Reddit.

The overall feel seems to have strayed too far from what defined the original games silent Hill so loved by the fans.

Many are disappointed with the direction the project is taking, as it includes products such as B. is too similar Until dawn.

That is also mentioned rise both a canonical title in the franchise silent Hillwhich means players will be looking for references everywhere.

Genvid promises that the actions of millions of people every day will decide the fate of the series’ characters, and it does The creators of the project do not know how the plot will end.

We’ll see if the final product, which is widely expected in late 2023, will definitely disappoint expectations or if it will prove to be a surprise.

Alongside Genvid and Konami, Bad Robot Games is the games division of the production house of JJ Abramsand Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by daylight And Meet your maker.

speaking instead Silent Hill 2 RemakeBloober clarified that they plan to do a redesign if necessary. as in the case of the iconic nurse.

In addition, it is also true that this modernization will pay off the remake even «more interesting than the original»at least in the words of artist Masahiro Ito.

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