There is a reference to the release date for GTA 6


A few hours ago Rockstar Games confirmed when we would see him GTA 6on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary.

Therefore, leave aside the fifth chapter of the series (find the current generation edition). At Amazon), the sixth episode is about to become reality.

The news was a real bombshell for gamers and Rockstar. This is also proving to be record-breaking news in terms of earnings.

Well, as also reported by GameesRadarthe editor of GTA 6 he implied that the publication date for the game it could arrive soon.

Take-Two Interactive actually made sure of that a little hint about a possible release date for the game, which may not be too far away.

“Our development pipeline is strong and diverse, and we are getting closer to delivering the groundbreaking titles our audiences around the world are waiting for.”he said on November 8th Strauss ZelnickCEO of Take-Two, during a press conference shortly after Rockstar’s announcement.

One of those “revolutionary” titles Zelnick alludes to could be just that GTA 6just like the “we are getting closer” is quite eloquent.

Also the CFO Lainie Goldstein He added that there are “Lots of exciting and upcoming catalysts that we believe will help our company achieve.” new record values “financial performance”.

Earlier this year, in August, Take-Two used the same logic of financial gain to suggest this GTA 6 he would have gone out until March 2025.

The only thing we can do now is wait for Rockstar to officially share the gameplay with players. maybe already with the trailer expected in December.

But that’s not all: To stay on topic, a possible launch window has also emerged in the last few weeks GTA 6who argue that The game will not be released until spring 2025.

While I wait to find out more, a fan analyzed the data from the leak From GTA 6 and found mentions of “locomotive engineering” in the debug menu.

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