April 19, 2024

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom style GameCube looks even better than the Switch OLED


Accompanying the introduction of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom As you recall, there was even a special edition OLED Nintendo Switch Theme (You can find it on Amazon), with a fully dedicated livery – for both the console and its dock – on the epic adventure of Link and Zelda.

But what if you tried applying the same color scheme to a gorgeous model as well? Nintendo GameCube? That’s the question he must have asked himself The Jinxxan artist and fan of the saga who decided to find out if the combination GameCube + Tears of the Kingdom could give satisfaction. And while opinion is subjective here, we’d say yes.

At RedditTheJinxx shared the images that emerged from his work: After receiving a GameCube, he actually decided to scrape away the paint that was already there to give it one pearl white finish like that of the Switch OLED dock.

Then he continued with the implementation golden details – again, just like those of the Dock – which evoke the textures and patterns in-game that refer to the mysterious arm Link is equipped with.

The same has been done for the controller, which is now all white and instead features pearlescent analog sticks and buttons with a gold finish. The end result, particularly alongside Switch OLED as you can see in one of the images above RedditIt is really valuable and cared for down to the smallest detail.

However, the artist himself defines it “far from perfect”: So it will be interesting to see if in the future he will try to create others that better reflect his idea of ​​perfection.

in these hours The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom made a lot of noise for the arrival of a new To update and its infallible relation to the solution some glitches that had been established.

GameCube has also been in the limelight, though not for too good reasons: Nintendo has indeed confirmed for now that it has no plans to bring its games to the classic libraries of Nintendo Switch Online.

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