The new free Valve game has already received its first patch


A few hours ago Valve launched its new free-to-play game based on the Source 2 graphics engine: we’re talking about it Counter Strike 2.

Leave aside Valorant (Find some game credits At Amazon), born as a kind of “rival” of CounterattackNow it’s time for players to get their hands on the sequel to the official game.

The release of the Valve title In fact, it sent fans into raptures and literally clogged up the servers.

As reported by GamesRadar, Counter Strike 2 was only released to the public yesterday, but Valve has already released it the first patch.

The high demand has also increased brought the servers to full capacity. However, there is no need to worry as the first update should allow more players to join.

The patch notes read: “CSTV and demo recording have been temporarily disabled to increase server availability so more people can play.”.

The patch takes care of that too fix some minor issues: Valve replaced missing music and fixed a bug where the sequel’s fancy smoke effects weren’t rendering on AMD GPUs under Linux.

Other minor changes have fixed bugs on the Mirage and Overpass maps, adjusted the grenade throwing animation, and generally fixed some critical issues.

Valve hasn’t indicated when (or if) we can expect the return of key features from its predecessor, including maps and modes, but it’s safe to say Counter Strike 2 will continue to be updated for many months.

On the first day Counter Strike 2 Many will also have found out whether the solution for i cheater The version designed by Valve may also prevail in view of the measures taken so far.

Speaking of which, who knows if we’ll ever see a third installment in another Valve series Left 4 Dead 3, as the company itself has indicated a few weeks ago.

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