The LEGO 2K football game made a surprise appearance on the PlayStation Store


Electronic Arts recently entered the field with its EA Sports FC 24but apparently LEGO and 2K are ready to launch another “contender” viz LEGO 2K Gooooal!.

In addition to the heir of Fifa (which you can do yourself At Amazon), in fact, a football title dedicated to the famous Danish bricks is on the way.

The existence of this title was revealed by a report that arrived last yearbut without finding any official confirmation.

Well, recently it happened A classification has also arrived from Taiwan, LEGO 2K Gooooal! he showed up unexpectedly PlayStation Store.

As also reported by power adapterit looks like the game is finally ready for an official reveal after briefly appearing on the PS Store under the codename Build up.

The ad was discovered by the user Twitter/X MauroNL in a now-deleted post that also included the game’s official artwork, which matches what was previously leaked.

It therefore seems that an official reveal is imminent, considering how many times the game has surfaced over the past few months.

As reported, LEGO 2K Gooooal! is developed by the British studio Sumo Digitalthe same person responsible for it LittleBigPlanet 3.

With the Game Awards just around the corner, the project could be announced on this occasion. We will keep you updated as soon as there is news on this topic.

Football fans are also having fun at the moment EA Sports FC 24: Electronic Arts’ new chapter had the difficult task of not making people regret it Fifa and apparently he did.

Waiting for the official announcement LEGO 2K Gooooal!we refer you to the review of LEGO 2K driveRacing game dedicated to the famous Danish bricks, a game that It certainly doesn’t aim to establish itself as an accurate simulator.

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