The final scene of The Witcher, Henry Cavill could have been different


The third season of The Witcher It’s been available on Netflix for several days, but hasn’t been able to establish itself as the best of the three.

The series (aka the CD Projekt video games At Amazon) could not repeat the success of the first two seasons.

In the our review We have clearly explained to you what it is all about “A difficult-to-watch series, broken into two parts more to ease general boredom than for any real production needs.”

Well, as also reported by Redanian Intelligenceit seems that theThe final scene of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia could have been something different.

Attention: from now on you will follow spoiler for the third season. The procedure is at your own risk.

In the version available on Netflix, Geralt and his men manage to eliminate the Nilfgaardian soldiers. Then the witcher, Jaskier and Milva ride into the sunset. Apparently the original plans were very different.

In the last scene, everyone should have been watched from afar Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallacha Nilfgaardian officer on the trail of Ciri

His appearance should have indicated that for Geralt and his group The troubles are not over yet.

The scene would have been edited to understand Henry Cavill’s farewell – Liam Hemsworth In fact, he will be the new protagonist – given that the production may have thought it would have been better not to leave anything unfinished on the plot level.

Or maybe the ending would have been changed so it wasn’t too reminiscent of the spin-off The Witcher: Blood Originin which we see Avallac’h watching Ciri from afar.

Staying on topic, one of the authors of The Witcher defended the fidelity of the series versus the books, as well as hints at “oddities” behind the scenes..

But that’s not all: at the time of writing, it is not yet known how the transition between Cavill and Hemsworth will play out, although some You speak of a multiverse.

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