The developer of The Last of Us will not be able to avoid layoffs either


In the latest round of not so good news for the video game industry, another one has apparently arrived.

Naughty Dog is actually the next development studio to undergo this development Staff reductionsthis time for at least 25 employeesnone of whom personally worked on the PC port of the first TLOU (what you find At Amazon in the PS5 version).

The message comes from Kotaku (Street VG247), who spoke to two sources who said: i redundancies were communicated to the studio internally last week.

Those affected were primarily members of the quality control team, but also some employees in the art and production department.

At least 25 team members have had their contracts reduced, but fortunately the number of full-time employees has been reduced does not appear to be included in the cuts at this time.

Sources also said so Kotaku than to dismissed members No severance payment was offeredboth those removed from their positions and other employees apparently forced to keep quiet about the news.

Worse, they are expected to work until the end of their contracts, which appears to be the case ends in October.

The reason for these cuts is unclear, other than the usual reason (saving money), and it is not even known if this has anything to do with the “reboot” of the multiplayer project The last of us.

In May this year a relationship of Bloomberg claimed that development on the project was scaled back after Bungie, developer of determinationHe had evaluated the game and only allowed a small group to continue working on it while Naughty Dog decided what to do next.

In July, so did Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells He retired after 25 years with the companyleaves the co-director of The last of usNeil Druckmann, as sole president.

To stay on topic: The recent waves of layoffs at Epic Games affect not only the studios, but also top management with the departure of a supporter of the store.

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