April 14, 2024

The Avengers are about to die, but you can play them for less than 4 euros


The way from Marvel’s Avengers is about to end: the unfortunate production of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will close its doors in a few days.

The adaptation dedicated to the Marvel superheroes (which you can also find At Amazon) is still officially available in stores.

This will effectively mean the end of this project which unfortunately never managed to find its way into the hearts of the fans of the House of Ideas.

As also reported by IGN US, Marvel’s Avengers Definitive Edition is now offered with an amazing offer 90% discount on the basic price.

This means that the game is offered for the absolutely ridiculous price of just 100 euros €3.99regarding the Steam PC version (which you can find at). this address).

Official support for Marvel’s Avengers will end on the 30th of Septemberwhich means that from this date it will no longer be possible to purchase Crystal Dynamics’ ill-fated superhero adventure.

The discount on the game ends on the same day that the game says goodbye to everyone forever. Although Marvel’s Avengers It is no longer for sale, it remains playable for owners of the game.

Square Enix’s strategy appears to be a final attempt to capture the attention of curious fans before saying goodbye to the ambitious adaptation of Marvel’s Avengers forever.

We’ll see if this latest discount entices users to give it one last chance Marvel’s Avengers: before his actual death, it seems even the arrival of two other popular superheroines is expected. Characters that, for obvious reasons, we will unfortunately never see in action.

To talk about the Marvel video games that will make it, we interviewed Jeannette Lee, project lead at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, to discover everything behind the scenes of the game.

But that’s not all: 2 years have now passed since the surprising announcement Marvel’s Wolverinenew PlayStation exclusive developed by Insomniac, and now there is finally news.

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