Tekken 8, the official site would have accidentally revealed two new wrestlers


It seems that Bandai Namco has already revealed the names of two upcoming fighters Tekken 8: In the last few hours, the official website has been updated with two new posts, but removed in a few moments after obviously realizing the error.

As reported by Twisted voxelThe contributions are likely to have been the usual announcements of the characters with the corresponding trailers: Since the error actually only lasted a few seconds, it could not be determined whether videos were actually published We already know the names of the alleged combatants.

The first of these would be a name that historical fans will surely be familiar with: it’s about the mysterious ninja Crowready to return after his absence Tekken 7 (find the Legendary Edition on Amazon).

In the seventh chapter he had indeed been replaced by Master Raven: rumor has it the Raven of Tekken 8 it should be the same character we had enjoyed in the fifth and sixth chapters the series.

Curiously, Raven also appeared in the list Characters leaked from closed beta dataminwhich seems to confirm the accuracy of the information.

The second character should be one instead new entry the saga: it says Azucena and his name had strangely appeared in a previous leak on the 4chan platform, suggesting that two more newcomers are on the way.

According to these rumors, Azucena should make use of it Peruvian mixed martial arts style and should be accompanied by the new entry Reina, Heihachi’s secret daughter – perhaps a loophole to reintroduce her moveset. after the end of the seventh chapter – and Victor, a French secret agent.

Azucena did not appear in the above datamine, which may indicate that the beta list is not yet complete: There may be more surprisesif the leaks of the last few hours are true.

While we await an official comment from Bandai Namco on the matter, or more updates, we invite you to take everything with you with appropriate precautions.

In the last few days we had the opportunity to try out the closed beta of Tekken 8: as we told you tried in our dedicatedthe fighting game already looks very funny and promising.

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