April 19, 2024

After a year 2022 full of important dates, e.g Nintendo Switch It is a 2023 full of expectations, thanks to releases of great caliber like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. THE Games are coming to the Switch However, there are very many of them and as always we will guide you to get to know them all, focusing on this in this case July.

If already in our main article We nailed it all upcoming games during the yearfor all platforms, here we see precisely those dedicated to the hybrid console of the big N.

Switch games are coming in July 2023

July 12 | Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

We’re opening the Nintendo Switch in July Oxenfree II: Lost SignalsSequel to the popular indie title released back in 2016 (accepted on our pages with great feedback).

It’s a graphic adventure with tones of horror and mystery in which the characters and their interactions play a central role. In view of the excellent work on the first part, expectations are definitely high: we’ll see how the review phase goes!

July 13 | Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

After the mystery, we move further into the calm atmosphere of Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg. It is a revised and modernized revival of the forerunner of this popular saga, previously unreleased in the West; Therefore, for the first time, fans can play Atelier Marie with an official English translation.

We tried the game in preview, and if on the one hand we were fascinated by its chibi style, on the other hand we also had some doubts, mainly because the game seems to follow too closely the original, apart from all the novelties and improvements made in the following chapters . Stay tuned to these pages for our final verdict in the inevitable review.

July 21 | Pikmin 4

Finally, Pikmin 4 is ready to land on Nintendo Switch. Announced a while ago and temporarily off the radar, Shigeru Miyamoto’s Creature is ready to hit our shelves (and you can already pre-order it). Thanks to Amazon).

We We tried the game in preview And while it’s still too early to give a definitive verdict (you’ll have to wait for our review for that, of course), we had the firm impression that we were dealing with what has the potential to be the best chapter in the saga to apply (which is not to say the least) and a must for any Nintendo fan. See you soon for the final verdict!

July 28 | Disney Island of Illusion

We close the Nintendo Switch July with Disney Island of Illusion (already bookable on Amazon), a title that finally brings Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and others back to our screens after a long time, once again confronting a platform adventure.

There is still a lot to discover about the game, but we know that it will take on the aesthetic style of the latest short films from the Disney world and that it will offer the possibility of playing cooperatively with friends, even local, to the delight of those who still appreciate multiplayer from the living room. A must-watch edition for Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike.

See you next month to analyze together the Switch games coming in August. First, let’s prepare to welcome July.

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