Steam offers the predecessor of a genre for free with a major update


An interesting new campaign from Temple Gate Games allows you to redeem one new free game on Steamfrom this moment and without the need for any purchase or subscription.

It's about Domination, that is, the famous board game in its digital version for Steam, which has influenced not only many other board games, but a multitude of video games that have at least one Deck building.

If you have played and enjoyed titles like Dream Quest, Kill the Tower or Monster move, to name just a few, know that they all come from Donald Vaccarino's board game. There are more video games coming that will take advantage of this mechanic for more, for example Shattered sky of which we have spoken to you.

Here is the description of Domination:

“Expand a small kingdom into a powerful domain! Play the Game of the Year award-winning board game loved by millions around the world. Discover the game that defined a genre. Dominion was the first to popularize deck building and remains a staple of board gaming. This is the officially licensed implementation.”

What's special about this new version released on Steam is the following: The opponent's AI is powered by neural networksTherefore, games with artificial intelligence will always be more interesting than normal.

To install Domination To download the game on your PC, all you have to do is click to the following address and then click on the corresponding button for the Redemption on Steam. The base game is free and if you want to buy the other expansions with new cards, you can of course add them by purchasing them on Steam.

Once you agree to the request, you will find yourself with her in a few moments Domination is already available for download on your account: The new free game remains yours forever and without any time limit.

The title is free forever and if you wish give a physicality leave at Domination on SteamOf course you will find the board game in its original version on Amazonwith all extensions.

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