Apparently it’s time again to talk about free games available on steam increases since we now have ben 12 new free titles ready to play.

The message comes at close range another game seriesalways available for free.

The free games in the Valve catalog as of now are the following (via gaming bible):

  • Citizens On Mars Prologue: a strategic one that will allow us to build on Mars.
  • Try it again: A unique indie platformer that puts players in Benny’s shoes.
  • Shattered Legacy: An adventure puzzle game set in a “mystical world”.
  • Miniature golf eons: a golf game but entirely in virtual reality.
  • naval feud: An underwater racing game where players jump on the backs of different fish and swim on colorful courses.
  • Mystery Society 2 Hidden Mystery: A puzzle that requires players to find hidden objects.
  • Gangster coin slide: a very special game dedicated to coin hunting.
  • soul detectives: An action-adventure game that follows the adventures of a detective who wants to find out why pure souls are trapped in Limbo.
  • disaster creatures: A 2D action game where players take on huge mecha enemies in a chaotic boss race and use gadgets and weapons to defeat them.
  • war for galaxy: A real-time strategy game set in space.
  • Tay Son Dynasty: A multiplayer action game set in Vietnam, during the Dai Viet period under the rule of the Tay Son Dynasty.
  • Tales of Sena: A story-driven exploration game set in an 8-bit world.

To download the games in question, all you need is an active and working Steam account.

Then simply click on the “Start Game” banner for each title to jump right into the adventure without too much hassle.

The games in question should not have a time limit, which is why it is possible to play them for free for as long as you like.

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