Star Wars Outlaws will have one thing in common with GTA


sttar wars outlawsthe new title dedicated by the authors of the George Lucas saga The corporate divisionHe seems to have all the makings of it.

Apart from games like Star Wars Jedi Survivor (what you find At Amazon), this time the adventure will not see the presence of the forces of power.

A few days earlier Ubisoft Massive In fact, he showed the gameplay of the game after introducing it with a short teaser.

Now, after seeing the game in actionit just seems so outlaws will have one thing in common with the well-known series of GTA.

As also reported by PCGamesN, Star Wars Outlaws will include one “searched system” which will be very similar to what Rockstar chose for them Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Redemption.

Creative Director Julian Gerighty explained: “It’s something that will always be present in the game. If you get caught or challenge the Empire, You will begin to be wanted and if you insist on doing other illegal actions, the level will keep increasing».

“At the highest level of wanted, the Empire will be after you by any means necessary. It is best to avoid it as much as possible.”Gerighty added.

Being hunted down by the minions of the Empire before progressing to AT-STs, AT-ATs and maybe even Star Destroyers seems like a daydream worthy of the best space villain.

Star Wars Outlaws promises to be an experience in tune with the atmospheres of the film series, being takes place between Episode V and Episode VI. The game In fact, it will begin between events The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

In the role of kay vess, a villain to Han Solo Together with his partner Nix, they must fight, steal and outwit the galaxy’s criminal syndicates in their quest for freedom.

This is the first true open world dedicated to Star Wars to be released in 2024 and from what we’ve been able to see, it certainly won’t disappoint historical fans.

If you want to follow all the announcements and trailers shown at Ubisoft Forward, all you have to do is click a this address.

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