April 19, 2024

Skyrim gets a new milestone (12 years after release)


I’m waiting for Bethesda to lift the curtain on what’s expected The Elder Scrolls 6fans of Skyrim They don’t seem to want to lose sight of the great fantasy classics.

The fifth chapter of the series (of which you can find the anniversary edition). At Amazon) continues to be played a lot, so much so that the game was able to touch a new milestone 12 years after its release.

Apart from the mods regularly released by the community (like that with ChatGPT), it’s the players themselves who keep the title alive.

As also reported by GameRant, Skyrim yes is In fact, it’s been reconfirmed to be one of the most legendary games in video game history – and consequently sold.

During a recent interview by IGNUS To Todd HowardThe director of Bethesda has missed a never-to-be-forgotten detail The Elder Scrolls V.

Howard actually stated that the game in question was recently over the 60 million copies soldit turned out to be appropriate the seventh best-selling video game in history.

Originally released for the PS3 console, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Skyrim then it also landed on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and finally Nintendo Switch.

It is therefore not surprising that such a popular game has achieved an equally extraordinary number of units sold.

We’ll see if the next big Bethesda, ie starfieldwill be able to do better (as the title promises). inspired by some really not bad open world classics).

Staying on topic, a recent mod for The Elder Scrolls V makes some improvements to vampirismincluding excised content from the original game.

But that’s not all: it was also recently shown Skyblivionfruit a mod that recreates the world of oblivion Using the graphics engine and resources of Skyrim.

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