April 19, 2024

Silent Hill The Short Message is gone, but a leak would have revealed the plot by now


Among the many themed projects silent Hill That was expected before the official announcement of the remake of the second chapter and many other projects, a mysterious episode entitled Silent Hill: The Short Messageon which it still stands a big secret.

Konami actually didn’t reveal this no official information on this episode, leading fans to suspect that the title may even have been cancelled.

Waiting for the house of Metal Gear Solid (Find the fifth chapter on Amazon) can shed some light on the matter, according to the well-known insider DawnGolem has already teased the main plot on his Discord server (via ResetEra).

The insider believes this is information not currently known to the public, but without real spoilers since they are events that are explained from the beginning of the game.

The plot tells us about it Relationship between the protagonist Anita and her best friend Maya: Over time, however, the two girls began to distance themselves and Anita began to engage in destructive activities.

But one day the whole class suffers a shock when they learn of the death of Maya, who took her own life under mysterious circumstances. As Anita struggles with her inner demons, she chooses to Go to the place where the girlfriend took her own life to understand the reasons, but also to understand who continues to post on their social media after their death.

The synopsis therefore anticipates a story that deals much more deeply than the plot with strong and particularly sensitive themes only emerged late last yearBut It remains to be seen if the title is actually still in development.

In fact, we remember that the first rumors had appeared thanks to a first official classification but the same institution He removed all traces of it just a few months ago.

We’ll keep you posted as more news arrives on this subject: In the meantime A transfer may be in sight Silent Hill 2 Remakejudging by what the James Sutherland actor has revealed.

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