April 14, 2024

Season 3 of The Last of Us will happen (but with one condition)


I’m waiting to know when season 2 will be released The last of usnow comes a first confirmation about it season 3 the HBO series.

The new series should be based on the narrated events Part II (what you find At Amazon), apparently divided into several parts.

The production of the second season of The last of us (basically planned for 2025) will apparently be followed by work on a third round of episodes.

Now after the showrunner Craig Mazin gave an update on the Abby casting situationthe author has implicitly confirmed this Season 3 will take place.

As also reported by deadlinesMazin confirmed that the plan is to make it to season three, but only if The last of us will continue to do so Record great tracks.

“There will be more than one season. There’s more story, so this show isn’t going to end with season two unless people watch it and write us off.”explained the Shoiwrunner.

“That being said, we’re going to do some things exactly as they were in the game and some things that are in the game, but we’re going to do them differently with our method.” It doesn’t matter if you played or not [a The Last of Us Part II, ndR]. You will be surprised at how the season unfolds. We have some interesting twists.”.

In short, we’ll just have to wait and see how far Season 2 will progress in the game’s story (hoping the storyline won’t cut clean anyway).

For season 2, the writers have already not only guaranteed more brutality, but also many more infected compared to the first season the HBO show.

Let’s stay on topic, Mazin He also disproved a theory about Abby went viral in the past few months.

Finally, for the second season of The last of usexplained showrunner Craig Mazin again There will be plot points that “will shock viewers”.

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