Resident Evil’s dad is ready to get back to work


Bethesda announced this a while ago Shinji Mikamithe video game developer best known for his creativity resident Evilhe decided are leaving Tango Gameworks Studio after 12 years.

Mikami has made an important contribution to many of the studio’s productions, such as the Saga The Evil Within, Ghostwire Tokyo and more recently a HiFi Rush (You can find it on Game Pass, available).

Inevitably it came down to this A big blow for the fanswho never stopped praising Mikami-san’s work.

Now, however, as also reported by VGCit seems that it is so for the good Shinji It’s time to get back to work.

Shinji Mikami appears ready to return to video game development after his non-compete agreement expires.

“After breaking my non-compete agreement, I think I should get to work.”the author tweeted on Thursday, October 12th.

In February, it was confirmed that Mikami would be leaving Tango Gameworks, the studio behind it The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo And HiFi Rushwhich he founded in 2010 before selling it to Bethesda.

Mikami is best known for his time at Capcom, where he directed the first film resident Evilits GameCube remake from 2002 and Resident Evil 4under another title.

He also directed Defeat for PlatinumGames and product Shadow of the Damned for Grasshopper production.

In 2020, Mikami stated that he would like to direct another video game project before his retirement, adding that he is not short of ideas and does not limit himself to the horror genre.

Curiously, however, the director admitted that this was not the case Resident Evil 4 his “best game”, but another production released also thanks to the contribution of Hideki Kamiya: It is about God’s handScrolling action from the PS2 era.

During one of our Exclusive interview with Tango Gameworksthe studio revealed to us that Mikami is working on a game «Great» which the fans never expected.

This production, as we now know, proved successful HiFi Rush: a little gem that, as we told you, is also an excellent promotional presentation for Xbox Game Pass in our special review.

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