Reads of P, the new patch will not make hardcore Soulslike fans happy


Lies from PThe new Soulslike from developer Neowiz has been available for a few days, but has now been released An update that may not make everyone happy.

The game is also available in the Game Pass catalog (you can take out a subscription if necessary). At Amazon) did not disappoint expectations thanks to the similarities with Bloodborne.

In our review We told you something “Lies of P is to a large extent a direct sequel to Bloodborne, from which it incorporates much of the gameplay systems, situations and management of the adventure.”.

Now, after a game-breaking bug was found and In fact, it prevents players from progressing in Chapter 2Players can download a patch that makes boss fights much easier.

Neowiz has updated his Soulslike with the Patch which, among other new features, reduces the power of bosses and adds a new feature via Steam.

In Update notes We can see that several bosses have been nerfed, as well as the normal enemies have also been rebalanced.

The update also adjusts the frequency of loot drops, but the frequency of Ergo items has been increased.

In short, this lowering of the difficulty level may not be well received by many players, especially those who want a challenge rate in line with what is expected of a Souls game to begin with.

In any case, the game itself isn’t bad, thanks in part to a world supported by a very complex story The title has multiple endings The They will force you to replay Soulslike multiple times.

Let’s stay on topic, Enotria The Last Songa new purely Italian Soulslike, showed up in a new technical video that shows the qualities of the game.

But not only that: in the last few weeks We tried to imagine 7 boss fights that we would like to see Elden Ring Shadow of the Earth Tree.

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