April 14, 2024

After a year 2022 full of important dates, e.g PlayStation 5 profiled a 2023 really full of releases, hoping that thanks to the end of the stock problem, more and more people will enjoy it.

As usual, we’ll be taking you through the various new features month by month so you don’t miss out on everything that’s arriving on the Sony flagship. Start with this September.

If already in our main article we have taken stock all upcoming games throughout the year, for all platforms, here we see precisely those dedicated to PlayStation 5.

PS5 games coming – September 2023

September 6th | Baldur’s Gate III

After its sensational debut on PC that made it one of the top contenders for Game of the Year, Baldur’s Gate III is also making its debut on PlayStation 5.

Welcomed the home game of Larian, one of the best RPGs in recent memory with a review that rewarded him for its exceptional qualities and we’re excited to see how it performs on PS5.

September 8 | NBA 2K24

September for PlayStation 5 continues with an unmissable event for basketball fans. We are talking about the release of NBA 2K24a new unmissable annual appointment for this now historic series.

Among this year’s innovations, the most anticipated is surely cross-play, a feature that players have been asking for for years and that makes its debut here. We just have to invite you to wait for our review to discover all the news that 2K Basketball has in store for you!

September 13 | Super Bomberman R2

The Konami revival also includes the sub-series. Super Bomberman R2 wants to repeat the almost surprising success of its predecessor, the developers promise Bomberman the richest of all time.

Of course, we have to try everything before making a judgment one way or the other. Given the good result of the first episode, we would like to be confident about this second attempt for now. While you wait for our review, you can already pre-order the game on Amazon!

September 19 | lies of P

Lies from P is probably one of the most anticipated games of this September, due to a potentially intriguing narrative setting and a never-before-seen resemblance to the very famous bloodborne.

This comparison could have been overkill, but the game proudly displays its origins, and while it lacks originality, it does have the potential to make a difference. Our current test It left us with a positive feeling, more than we expected, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final version.

Until our review is available, you can secure a copy on the first day Thanks to Amazon.

September 19 | Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 It certainly needs no introduction. We’re talking about one of the most famous fighting game sagas in the gaming world, which can still sit comfortably on the chair today when it comes to unconventional violence.

This new chapter aims to continue the excellent path the series has been on for several years, while maintaining a good balance between novelty and tradition. If you can’t wait, you can grab a copy on day one Thanks to Amazonwhile, on the other hand, we will be ready to provide you with our inevitable analysis in the coming weeks.

September 21 | Payday 3

paydays 3 (which you can already find on Amazon) faces a very difficult task: to take on the difficult legacy of its predecessor, a title that has become a real cult and has consistently been among the most played titles online for the past ten years.

We We have to try the game recently at the invitation of the studio and we can tell you that our impressions have been good. Paydays 3 seems to maintain the charm of the series and add some new features that make the proposal even deeper. However, it is of course still too early to make a final judgment. So expect a review from us.

September 29 | EA Sports FC 24

Another sports sim that is probably the most awaited by Italian gamers is coming to PS5 in September. We’re obviously talking about it EA Sports FC 24the first chapter of the new course of the series, following the end of the partnership between EA and FIFA.

We witnessed a detailed presentation of the game just a few months ago and there are so many new things coming. The desire to offer players an experience that is in line with previous proposals, but at the same time capable of revolutionizing the proposal with many seemingly minor changes, is clear.

If you can’t wait any longer, you can already pre-order your copy on Amazon.

September 29 | cocoon

Jeppe Carlsen, author of, among other things limbo And Insideis ready to take us on another strange adventure cocoon. Just like the developer’s other titles, we can glimpse some interesting shots and dynamics in the trailer, but little more; Of course, we have to discover most of the adventure through play, and we can’t wait to do it.

As such, we can only provide you with the following trailer at the moment and refer you to our future review for a more detailed analysis.

All this is quite a rich and above all varied month of September in terms of video games. Meet us here for the October releases!

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