PlayStation Q, new photos of the console leaked online


PlayStation Q was one of the big announcements during the Japanese company’s last showcase, and from that moment on (little information around. It’s a new piece of hardware that will accompany the new generation of Sony devices, halfway between a portable and a remote play device.

The introduction of this new hardware will expand the offer of the PlayStation 5 (accessible on Amazon) in the next month.

There is only one Release date, only theoretically at the moment, not yet confirmed from Sony in the various announcements of the last few weeks.

And while some accounts even reveal gods Possible battery problemsa few hours ago some supposedly first photos of the console.

In fact, first of all, there is a great curiosity in understanding how PlayStation Q is physically made, What will its technical characteristics be and how will it be built?

None of this has been revealed by PlayStation yet, but some of it has photo was watching resetera give us a can first idea of ​​its structure.

“It’s an Android tablet with a controller attached”explains the user who posted the photos.

In fact, especially if you look at the second photo, PlayStation Q seems like a really bad console At the hardware level, just a mirror to play in remote play. Even the software immortalized in the photos is actually one Android operating system in everyone and for everyone.

While we await official confirmation, we reiterate that these photos should be taken with caution for now.

There’s one too short videowas watching Twitterwhich seems to lend truth to the photos above:

That doesn’t mean we don’t really know something about the console, though. We actually collected all information originated on PlayStation Q and summarized in one handy article: You can find it here.

For whatever reason Price oddly enough it was even revealed by Xbox recently in one of many Advice on the acquisition of Activision and Blizzard.

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