Okay, this is the coolest video game gadget ever


THE Gadgets dedicated video gamesbetween collectibles and promotional items, are certainly not new, but those of Pikmin 4 We were overwhelmed by them cuteness.

The new title of Saga created by genius Shigeru Miyamotothat you can already order on Amazonwill be one of the Nintendo Switch titles of the summer.

Pikmin 4 it was announced a long time ago but, but only recently confirmed a release date from Miyamoto’s new creature.

AND recently returnedwith a certain discretion one must say shows a completely new and promising feature for the saga.

Nintendo prepares to start and among many Gadgets that have been and are being produced, there is one that we would also like to have right away.

A bath bomba bath bomb.

If you think a bath bomb can’t be one perfect gadget for video gamesbetter see what Nintendo is prepared for Pikmin 4.

The Japanese side hobby watch has released the new merchandise from bandai, which were first shown in Tokyo Toy Show from June 8th to 11th.

Look how beautiful they are:

The Bath bombs themselves look like a fruitas if they were Pikmin, still buried underground, ready to be used for combat and exploration.

When they dissolve in water, they reveal one of the five little beings inside, one of them Red, blue, yellow, purple and white tonesas in appeared Pikmin And Pikmin 2.

These gadgets will be available from October this year, priced at 550 yen (about €4) but at the moment We do not know whether they will also be spread in the West or remains exclusively available in Japan. When in doubt, tap your favorite gadget importers.

In the meantime, we hope so Pikmin 4 could be one of the games of the possible next Nintendo Directthat has receive a new confirmation.

And if you look forward to it Return to explore planets together of Nintendo’s little creatures can be found here How to pre-order the game.

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