Not everyone liked the PS5 “Slim,” and it’s already a meme


Yesterday Sony surprisingly announced a PlayStation 5 in a revised and corrected versionwith a different design and some new features compared to the base model.

This new PS5 “Slim” effectively replaces the current console model, which you can definitely restore at a great price.

The announcement came like a bolt from the bluealthough rumors of a smaller PS5 have been circulating heavily in recent months.

Now, however, as also reported by The playerit seems that the new console model was not well received by a certain number of players.

In fact, the PS5 “Slim” has already been the focus of criticism in every respect: fans mock the design, the price and the separately available support.

Many have been tirelessly touting the console’s new design on social media. In contrast to the slim versions of previous PlayStation consoles, the new PS5 does not differ visually from the base model.

It features an opening in the case to accommodate the removable hard drive and is slightly smaller than the original, but everything else is virtually identical, which has led many to deride this “new look” as a “new look.” an avalanche of jokes and memes.

Many have criticized the console’s horizontal stand, which looks like a small piece of plastic that sits under the PS5 to ensure it doesn’t tip over.

Players loved this little object and joked that the piece of plastic inside looked like Radahn’s horse Elden Ring.

Jokes aside, let’s compare the dimensions of the new PS5 (Slim, if you will) with the standard PS5: how much smaller it will actually be?

Speaking of games, the new fall offerings are officially available on the PlayStation Store: Let’s discover the best PS5 and PS4 games on offer.

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