Nintendo Switch 2 would already be in someone’s hands


We’ll keep talking about it Nintendo Switch 2 And when so much information arrives in a short period of time, there is usually at least a grain of truth in it. However, we must continue to point out that it is a rumor and this time it seems that I development kits of the new console already exist in someone’s hands.

The successor of Hybrid console from Nintendowhich you will find in the OLED version on Amazonseems to come to our minds more and more with every week that we talk about it.

According to some sources Nintendo Switch 2 would have arrived last Gamescom in Cologne be shown behind closed doors. information which was also recently reissued by an authoritative sourceBy the way.

This story seems to have evolved, because in these hours an insider has revealed that the development kits may already be in the hands of some developers.

THE Development kitsfor those who don’t know, those are Preliminary versions of the new consoles which are sent to the development teams well in advance so that they can start working and familiarizing themselves with it, so to speak.

Each console performs this process on each generation and whether Nintendo Switch 2 will actually be released next yearthe idea that the dev kit could already be in the hands of the developers makes a lot of sense.

Second IMaHeroTooa well-known insider throwing out a lot of truthful information recently, the development kit of Switch 2 It’s been around for a while in the hands of the developers (as I said on Reddit).

In addition, according to the insider, Nintendo Switch 2 were backwards compatible despite being a new type of cartridge and, surprisingly, associated features too Camera.

As always, we just have to wait for the first official information, but as expected at the beginning, it starts now A certain scenario emerges on Nintendo’s future in the world of video games, already told several times in the past.

The same insider also released tons of information about it SEEN and his future intentions: find them here.

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