Need For Speed ​​​​Most Wanted is going “next-gen” thanks to a fan.


Fans of the racing series Need for speed They never really put the franchise aside and waited for it to get back on the crest of the wave.

After all, intellectual property has been somewhat pushed into the background lately, so much so that not even the release of a film (that you can find) has managed to reverse the trend.

Certainly, Need For Speed ​​Unbound – final chapter of the racing series from Electronic Arts and Criterion (You can find our review here) – attempted a coup, but it was only partially successful.

Well, after someone decided to take it Need For Speed ​​​​Underground 2 and give it new lifeothers have recently dusted themselves off Need For Speed ​​​​Most Wanted.

As also reported by DSO GamingIn fact, the good big boy is currently working on one RTX Remix Mod For Need For Speed ​​​​Most Wantedwith the aim of adding effects Path tracing.

Although it is unknown when it will be released, the modder has shared a new WIP gameplay video, which you can find in the player below.

In this video, Big Boy introduces the game’s new lighting system, although the colors on the screen still need to be refined.

As you will see, low quality textures are the main problem. Need For Speed ​​​​Most Wanted came out in 2005 and has really blurry textures (at least by today’s standards).

So let’s hope Big Boy uses an AI tool to make her even prettier.

For those who don’t know, let’s remember that the game in question was an open world racing game in which the police could chase you across large stretches of the map, which is considered one of the best chapters of the series applies.

If you definitely want to restore the latest version Need For Speed ​​Unboundthey might be useful for you the minimum and recommended requirements the PC version.

But not only that: let us also remember this Unbound officially broke the record from the previous one heatwhich isn’t much.

Finally, it was recently announced that a remake of Need For Speed ​​​​Most Wanted by EA was apparently confirmed by a voice actress.

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