Naughty Dog may have been “tricked” by AI.


The AIs They have been a trending topic in recent months as their ruthless use – particularly in the art sector – has caused outrage among numerous experts.

The use of artificial intelligence in the world of video games has also been discussed for a long time, sparked heated discussions.

A page Tumblr created by Naughty dog – Developer of The last of us (what you find At Amazon), Unexplored and other PlayStation franchises – offers a form for submitting fan art, cosplay photos, tattoos and other tributes to their games.

Well, as also reported by Player StationEllie and Joel’s creators may have been “fooled” by artificial intelligence.

According to fans, people could broadcast without any problem automatically generated images via commands that are executed by artificial intelligence while the idea of ​​the page is being created Tumblr is to give space to real artists who work hard on their “handmade” author’s drawings and paintings.

On Friday, October 27th, a drawing of Joel and Ellie was released on the studio’s official channels The last of us, probably generated by AI.

Many fans have pointed out in the comments that the image may not actually be the result of human skill.

At InstagramAuthor “@perdonandopalabras” – who sent the work to Naughty Dog – defended himself against the accusations, explaining that it was illustrative “For over 20 years” and does not use artificial intelligence for his illustrations. “It’s just my way of painting”.

Despite the public justification, many do not trust the author’s words 100%. Perhaps the truth remains in the eye of the beholder.

Speaking of AI: Shuhei Yoshida from PlayStation expressed his point of view on the use of artificial intelligence in video game development.

Finally, a mod released a few weeks ago allows you to converse with NPCs The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim via ChatGPTthe chatbot developed by OpenAI and based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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