Midnight Club 2 is going “next generation” and you can try it for free


Rockstar is a synonym for GTAbut before the American giant became famous for the franchise in question, it also produced the racing series Midnight bar.

For those who don't remember, Midnight bar was a series of arcade driving games that were very similar Need for speed (which you can find At Amazon).

The latest game in the series is Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Editionpublished in 2009, Now After I TeaserPlay They realized a concept trailer a “remake” of the original series by Midnight bar With Unreal Engine 5, it's time a new version of the sequel.

As also reported by DSO GamingIn fact, this “Hemry81” just released a beta version of it RTX Remix Modwhich adds the full effect of Ray tracing and path tracing To Midnight Club 2.

As the title suggests, this mod is still in beta. Still, it has some improved textures for cars and roads.

Sure, it's just a first test, but it has great potential. You can download the beta version at this addressin shape free.

In order for this to work, you will also need to manually edit the options.cfg file in the Games Folder/User Data folder. Therefore, be sure to read the installation instructions.

We remind you that Rockstar is currently focused on processing GTA 6, Reason why an official return from Midnight bar it's definitely difficult.

The good news is that recent reports suggest that Rockstar will be able to meet fans' expectations.

But that's not all: modder “Slasks Psykbunker” recently released a demo From Max Payne RemixedIn fact, one of the best examples of the RTX Remix mod that adds path tracing to this great classic.

Without forgetting the historian too GTA: Vice City received the same treatment.

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