Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trophies may have revealed a Venom secret


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will see the light of day very soon, but has apparently already appeared online the full list of trophies of the game.

Spidey’s New Adventure (which you can pre-order At Amazon) promises to be a must for all Spider-Man fans.

This after they recently emerged the first, timid information on the probable Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

As also reported above ResetEraThe list of trophies of the new Spider-Man game gives us a way to guess what we can expect from the new Insomniac adventure.

Attention: Potentials follow from now on spoiler about the game. Therefore, proceed at your own risk.

The list of trophies can be found at this addresswould provide an answer to one of the main doubts relating to the character of Poison.

Many have wondered whether The symbiote will actually be playable after inevitably abandoning his “good” guest, namely Peter Parker.

Apparently the answer is positive. In fact, one trophy says:Defeat 100 enemies using Venom’s abilities“.

Considering that the name “Venom” is also only used in the comics when the symbiote envelops a “bad” host, the trophy could therefore designate a playable segment as an iconic villain. We will see.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the new wall crawler video game from Insomniac Games will be released exclusively on the PS5 console on October 20, 2023.

Let’s stay on topic, the fans They are convinced they have identified a villain seen in the latest trailer in one of Tom Holland’s MCU films.

But not only that: let’s remember this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will require some free space, This is according to new information that recently surfaced online.

If you have already purchased a digital copy of the game, we would definitely like to remind you that you can start the preload on your PlayStation 5 a week before the title’s official launch.

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