Mario Wonder director: “You have to try to surprise the players”


The director of Super Mario Bros Wonder stated that Nintendo needs to make more efforts to surprise gamers these days.

Thanks to Direct, the game is being talked about again took place on August 31st.

Speak with EurogamerShiro Mouri explained that the latest Mario game is an attempt to catch up the feeling of “mystery” than the original Super Mario Bros. Given to players in 1985.

Mouri, who was previously responsible for programming The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and program director for New Super Mario Bros. Uhe explained: “Regarding the idea of ​​creating a new Mario, we came up with the concept of mystery and secrets.”.

He then explained that elements like power-ups and warp tubes came as a surprise to players of the original Super Mario Bros., but are now standard elements of the series.

“As we made more and more side-scrolling Mario games, the challenge became that these kinds of mysteries and surprises became more and more normal for players.”Mouri said.

“So I thought it was important to create a side-scroller Mario that really fits the times we live in. We have to work harder at it Try to surprise these players».

The solution is the Miracle Flower, an object that appears in each level and that transforms the characters in completely different ways, be it to bend and move the pipes on the ground, or to change the art style or Transform Mario into an elephant.

Super Mario Bros Wonder could therefore represent a turning point for the 2D saga after the episodes New They were “satisfied” without introducing too many innovations. We told you about it in our special.

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